What Does a Child Custody Lawyer Do?

Going through a child custody battle alone, especially with your child’s future on the line, can be frightening and risky. However, with experienced child custody lawyers in Media, PA, on your side, the outcome of your case can be positive. Here are five specific things that you might not be able to do, but a child custody attorney can do. 

Manage Your Paperwork and Deadlines

Filing the right paperwork and correctly doing it is of utmost importance in a child custody case. Similarly, meeting deadlines to file paperwork in court is essential. Understandably, you’re busy and unfamiliar with the legal pitfalls that could harm your case. However, if you work with a child custody attorney, they’ll ensure to file your paperwork correctly and on time.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Irrespective of your strong negotiation skills, dealing with someone with whom you have a complicated personal relationship can be emotionally draining. It’s quite common for couples to lose their cool and make the wrong decisions in the heat of the moment.

Hiring a child custody lawyer means you’ll have someone negotiate for you in a level-headed, unbiased, and calm manner. They’ll help project your needs and ensure that your child’s best interest is paramount throughout the negotiation process.

Represent You in Court When Necessary

If your case eventually proceeds to court, it might become more complicated when you choose self-representation. You probably don’t know all the child custody laws and how to interpret them to help your case. Additionally, emotions can run high in court, leaving you not composed.

With experienced child custody lawyers in Media PA, speaking for you, you’re assured of a professional representation. An attorney will advocate for you and discuss your case’s facts before a judge better than you can.

Handle Child Custody Modification

A child custody order is legally binding, and you must adhere to it as the court prescribes. However, what happens if you experience a significant change in circumstance? You might need help modifying the child custody agreement.

A child custody lawyer can help you file and pursue a modification of your current child custody agreement. They’ll act on time to protect your family and ensure you don’t violate any court order.

Handle Complex Custody Cases

Since every child custody situation is unique, a case may have some added twist, making it complex. One such complicated element is when the two spouses reside in different states or countries. International and interstate child custody cases involve dealing with multiple jurisdictions of the law.

However, an experienced child custody lawyer is familiar with the law’s complexities, as it involves multi-jurisdictional issues. They have the required skills and know the right steps to take to ensure your case proceeds unhitched.


A child custody lawyer is a dependable ally, even amid a contentious custody battle. If you’re currently involved in a child custody dispute, schedule a consultation with one of the best child custody lawyers in Media, PA, today. An attorney will explain your legal options to you and represent you in court.