A Guide To Media Buying And Media Planning

Media buyers supervise the media buying procedure, with input from the media planning team. With consideration of marketing goals and target spectators’ preferences given by the media planning team, media buyers perform the actual buying of the advertisement space.

An enormous part of the media buyer position is transferring with the sites, networks, and other channels they want ads to look on. They must confirm they are purchasing the correct placements at the right times, for the accurate duration, all within strict budgets. 

Media buyers should also use advertising performance tools to track key performance metrics and delivery to guarantee the ad is placed by the arrangement and that it is meeting the campaign goal line

Media Buying 

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With a well-established media plan, media buyers connect with their complements across the agreed-upon media spots. These are frequently sales/account managers, whose accountability is to find relevant advertisers. These two parties transfer placement, time, and cost. Media buyers often custom the following tactics to perform media plans:

  • Physical bidding: Bidding on ad space and handling bids straight through an ad platform such as AdWords. 
  • Direct purchases: When a media buyer negotiates ad rates and run times with a precise advertiser (e.g., fashion designers working straight with the Vogue squad to place ads on their site/magazine). 

Why Media Buying is Important?

Operative media buying goes far beyond the real contract of money for ad space. Media buying squads can make impactful relations with media buyers that effect greater spread with less investment. This allows marketing teams to upsurge conversions and validate high ROI to customers and stakeholders. 

There are a few key aids that come with using a knowledgeable media buying team and process. 

Get the Greatest Deal

Media buyers often have an extensive network of relations, which they can influence to exploit the value of your investment. Media buying experts are well skilled in negotiation methods and mutual industry standards, such as the normal cost of leads or what brand contact must cost. Knowledgeable media buyers can negotiate values to increase reach or regularity and can often get value added at media networks they have worked in the past. 

Get the Top Slots

Media buyers recognize where your marketing dollars must be spent, and which placements are inclined to get the greatest engagement. Media buyers stay conscious of drifts and world trials (such as the Olympics or politically aware operations) that may affect ad accessibility and negotiate ad placements sprightly into the agreement to confirm ads are delivered as assured. 

Plan Campaigns with Superlative Practices

Media buyers understand what plans will best lead to adaptations (for instance: placing ads at a convinced time of day). Media buyers have knowledge working crossways publishers and networks. They bring the finest practices they erudite in preceding campaigns and can apply them as they negotiate ad placements for supreme returns. 

Media Buyer tasks include:

  • Developing efficient media buying policies.
  • Negotiating ad space and time slots with numerous media channels
  • Contributing in media planning to recognize target spectators and craft operative campaigns.


Media Agency

Although media buyers and media planners assuredly work carefully together, their roles are very diverse. In short, media planning is the primary step. Based on the conclusions and policies determined by this team, media buyers perform the media plan – placing the agreed-upon ads on the suitable channels.