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On December 17, 1993, HR 3000 was signed by President Clinton and it established "The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation"  to commemorate the more than 100 million victims of communism.  More importantly, it mandated the  education of communism's crimes against humanity.

The need for resources regarding communist genocide is acute as it occurred during a period when little information was made available and in some cases, the deaths were actively denied or covered up.

GENOCIDECURRICULUM.ORG is a resource of approved curriculum materials for educators in the private and public sector.  It is also a source for a wide array of primary and secondary research materials for advanced study.

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Olga and Professor Taras Hunczak
The Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre
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Ukrainian National Association for their generous donation! Visit the Ukrainian Weekly archives on the Ukrainian famine genocides in our research resources archive.

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1/14/2010 - Watch the hour long special on the Glenn Beck show on Fox - January 22 at 5:00 PM. Following are further resources for those interested in learning more about the Holodomor.

11/13/06 - The team here at is busy editing and revising every page of the report. Thank you to all of those who have supported our project and have sent praise; remember, we're counting on you to help us get this information out there! - Lara
10/31/06 - The first, second, and final U.S. Congressional Commission reports on the Ukrainian Famine are now online.
9/26/06 - We have just launched all of the website features! Although this website is still under construction, you are welcome to search around the archives that we have already uploaded. The document currently being added to the archives is the 2nd Interim Report of the U.S. Congressional Commission on the Ukrainian Famine.