Phenomenal Video Transcription Services For You

In the field of transcriptions of all types of audio and video information, we are known as one of the top video transcription service providers. In addition, we offer audio and video transcript synchronization and captioning services. VHS cassettes, webcasts, streaming media, and podcasts are all eligible for these services.

This is no longer required for media companies to devote time and resources to transcribing their productions’ audio; instead, our professionals will transcribe the audio/video and insert captions to the content using state-of-the-art equipment.

We provide these services to large educational institutions, television networks, multimedia firms, independent producers, and who rate our services highly, as seen by the below testimonial:

We’ve made it feasible for large segments of the industry to receive low-cost transcriptions and captioning services; media organizations no longer have to rely on time-consuming and expensive old captioning methods. You may send and receive audio/video information in any format instantly, saving time and money in the process.

What is Video Transcription and how does it work?

Video translation is the process of converting the audio from a video into a text transcript. Therefore, snippets, online streaming videos, TV shows, eLearning courses, films and webinars are all examples of video formats that can be transcribed.

What are the Advantages of using Video Transcription Services?

There are various advantages to using accurate transcribing services. Moreover, one of the most important is to broaden your content’s reach by targeting those who prefer to consume it in various formats. So, it is simple to repurpose audio and video content in eBooks, blog posts, and articles after transcription.

It’s also beneficial to SEO to include transcribed content in podcast and video show notes. However, this means that visitors will be able to find your material more easily in search results.

What is the Standard Transcription Procedure?

Both audio and video transcription services begin with the transcriber receiving the original file or URL. Further, the transcriber then listens to the recording and types what they hear. So, the transcript is then double-checked to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. In the transcript, any text that is difficult to hear or understand is indicated as inaudible.

Transcripts can incorporate timings from recordings, which is useful for show notes. Moreover, proofreading and editing are included in some transcription services as well.

Is it possible to convert Video to Text?

An hour-long video file can take anything from 3 to 6 hours to transcribe for the average person. So, there’s a terrific answer for you if you don’t want to be average. It’s called automated transcription, and it’ll put an end to your video transcribing woes. Similarly, converting your video to text is a breeze.

Best Video to Text Transcription Service Software and Translation Tools


Highly accurate transcribing is also available, with a selection of layouts to pick from.

Scribie offers both manual and automatic transcribing services. The hand transcribing service, which promises 99 percent accuracy and a 36-hour turnaround time, includes speaker monitoring.

These fees are for clean recordings; speakers with an accent, a noisy background, or a file with poor audio quality will cost more. As a result, the user only needs to upload their documents, choose a plan, and pay the fee, and the content in a Word file is provided within the stated time limit. They also guarantee 99 percent correctness and full secrecy with their integrated proofreading.


Rev provides audio and video transcription, as well as captions, subtitles, and translations for a wide range of audio and video formats.

Simple transcriptions can be completed in a matter of hours and are guaranteed to be 99 percent accurate. Therefore, captions and subtitles for videos that comply with the FCC, ADA, and Section 508 are also available as a service.

Rev also provides video with foreign subtitles, which is a feature that only a few other services directly provide.

Rev also stands out since it has one of the best ratios of transcribing speed to mistake rate. In terms of speed, it is relatively fast but not lightning-fast, but its low mistake rate is where it really shines.


Temi is a fully automated, high-end transcription service. In addition, temi offers a low-cost automatic voice transcribing service.

Using “powerful speech recognition software” and uploaded audio or video file, it can transcribe voice to text in 5 minutes. As a result, with clear speakers, limited accents, and negligible background noise, the claimed accuracy is 90-95 percent, which is practically ideal for recording. Moreover, text files can also be saved as PDF documents or Microsoft Word.


The fourth option is TranscribeMe. A transcribing service that is both low-cost and high-quality. So, TranscribeMe keeps the trend of balancing transcription speed with a low error rate and reasonable pricing going.

Transcription panda

So, if cost is a big consideration in your budget, TranscribeMe may be one of the most cost-effective options without sacrificing quality.

Transcription services are offered for non-urgent situations.

Transcription Panda is similar to TranscribeMe in that it charges the same amount for a rough draught and has a similar error rate, but it performs substantially faster in our tests.


GoTranscript is a new transcription company that seeks to provide business customers with the accuracy they need at an affordable price.

One of the most significant advantages of adopting GoTranscript is that it can handle more complex tasks, such as scientific, technical, or other STEM academic assignments, where word accuracy can suffer if the voice-to-text transcription service isn’t equipped to handle them.

Why is Video Transcription so Essential?

With more people watching videos than ever before, it’s vital to use video transcription services to ensure that your videos reach a bigger audience. Because video has such a high return on investment, your video transcript will make it easier for your visitors to assimilate your content. Making a text transcript will also assist folks with hearing impairments or who speak a different language in understanding your video.