Choose SEO friendly theme to get good rankings in Google SERP

Choose right theme for your website is Very Important; Theme can support your Los Angeles SEO Companies process. That cms WordPress have Thousands of themes you can choose to build your company website or blog. I like the engine of WordPress as CMS WordPress Simple but very powerful. WordPress SEO friendly open source CMS and supported by thousands of developers and plugin developers theme.

There are many great free or paid themes, and many developers who create plugins WordPress performance support for our website. Choosing the right template is quite influential on the Los Angeles SEO Companies process that we do. Since Google’s update algorithm, namely Algorithm Google Panda, Google prefers on page SEO. Try international seo on page optimization performed starting from the selection of optimal Theme, Plugin, Content optimization, internal link, tittle tag, Meta tags, and Meta description.

Los Angeles SEO Companies
Los Angeles SEO Companies

Themes that are either very thought process of preparing Heading in to the themes that they build. H1 sequences for the tittle on your website or blog, h2 for the Meta description, h3 for title of each post, to tittle sidebar h3, h4 to Footer ff. For the determination of heading and order placement and also depends on your priorities. Compilation heading as above in my opinion is pretty good, but you can still insert Heading in your content that will be posted. Suppose you want to make h5 on the content, then you just create the content

Content / heading content

Heading groove has become a priority scale for Googlebot to crawl your website or blog that we created. They will see the start of the H1 – H? The appropriate content in h1, h2, h3 and so the better eyes of search engine marketing agency. Below are some tips for choosing a theme:

  1. Choose a WordPress theme that has a good groove Heading

To plot a heading I have explained above, you can check this path in the script on the theme you choose. Able through the WordPress dashboard or from cpanel website / blog.

  1. Choose a simple WordPress theme

If I personally prefer a simple WordPress Theme, because I think Google really likes things simple but powerful.

  1. Choose a WordPress theme at loading

Google likes to speed and current website loading speed to be one factor Google to put your website / blog in a good position in Google SERP. So select the theme that fast loading

  1. Select a WordPress Theme fit your website needs

In addition to the above three things, of course we have chosen the theme must also adjust to the needs of your website / blog that we created. Both the display, as well as seen from the Los Angeles SEO Companies requirements

  1. Choose a WordPress Theme in accordance with the plugin to be installed.

Suppose we want to create a website on article directory of course we also need to choose themes that are in accordance with article plugin directory is. If we want to create a website multisite we also need to choose themes that are compatible with a multisite plugin2. Profit Marketing Solution is also provide some marketing strategy for fitness center when you are going to create and built website for your fitness business.

Of the five things above hopefully can help you in choosing a WordPress theme for your company’s website. There are thousands of free WordPress Themes and WordPress Theme Exclusive also developed by thousands of developers around the world. You just choose according to the needs of your website / blog for your company.

Under this free WordPress theme which I think is powerful and usually I use for my blog:

  1. Twenty Ten WordPress Theme
  2. Arras WordPress Theme
  3. Platform WordPress Theme
  4. Zee Business WordPress Theme

Four themes above are my favourite WordPress theme; I usually chose the above theme for my use. For this blog Los Angeles SEO uses Theme Twenty Ten. Because the default WordPress theme is very powerful in SEO.