Why Weight Training Is The Best Beauty Prescription For Women

There is a general false misconception that weight training particularly heavy weight training is only for men and men only. The idea that if a woman decides to start weight lifting she will instantly get bigger muscles and start to look bulky. This idea is not only false but it puts many women off weight training and as a result they end up missing out on all the benefits it offers.

Many of our clients approach us with goals such as:

  • Wanting to lose weight
  • Wanting to lose their bingo wings
  • Wanting to a tone up their bum
  • Wanting to look good in a bikini or that dress they so badly want to get back into.

I am here to tell you that Personal Training in Canary Wharf is the perfect solution for all of the above.

So how will weight training help you achieve this?

Hormonal effect

Weight training elicits a number of hormonal changes in the body depending on the type of exercises. Compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts stimulate the body to produce hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone. These hormones not only increase your confidence but also more importantly boost your metabolism. With a higher metabolism the body starts to burn fat like crazy, particularly the areas you hate to see it the most the arms, the bum and waist.

Insulin sensitivity

Personal Training in Canary Wharf

Weight training also increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin (a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels). An increased sensitivity to insulin allows the body to metabolise food (sugar) more effectively, resulting in less fat storage after a meal.  After a meal, food (sugar) has two options, to go into muscle cells where it is stored as glycogen for energy or to go into fat cells, which have an infinite capacity to expand. Weight training promotes more sugar to be stored in the muscles as opposed it being stored as body fat.

So for a toned beautiful bikini body consider including weight training in your routine and do not shy away from challenging yourself with heavier weights, you will want to rip the benefits.