What Is The Most Popular Places to Eat?

One of the best aspects of visiting and living in Puerto Vallarta is the food culture. It’s easy to get lost in the thousands of drink and food options in this around-the-clock party city.

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Must try places to grab some munchies after a great night out in Puerto Vallarta

Some of the best places to grab a late night snack after the club may be just around the corner, but without exploring the hidden gems of the city or getting a recommendation from a local they can be easily missed. 

Here are some famous (and best kept secret) venues to eat at when you’re finished dancing at the clubs or headed out for more night time adventures compiled by the Puerto Vallarta nightlife specialist PVnightlife.

El Carbocito

Located in the area of Cinco di Diciembre in Centro, this taco stand is famously known for its late night street food. Full of flavour and authentic Mexican recipes, Carboncito takes the cake for optimal location, great price and variety of snacks that are served until 4 am.

Along with traditional tacos, they also have baked potatoes you can stuff full of cheese, meat and homemade salsa- a perfect combination to ward off a potential hangover after your shenanigans.

El Carboncito resides at 129 Calle Honduras which is close to the Malecón, the beach and one of the main roads that leads into Puerto Vallarta- making it an easy stop if you are coming or going from the area. There is both inside and outside seating, as well as personal delivery to close locations and takeout orders.

Pepe’s Tacos

Also conveniently located on Calle Honduras- meaning it’s super easy to walk there or get dropped off after the clubs close- Pepe’s Tacos is another favorite for late night tacos, excellent service and great location.

The perfect place to stuff your face with delicious traditional food lathered in spicy salsas, ice cold beer, and fresh juices and inside seating. They serve food until 6 am, so no worries about missing out! It’s extremely popular and a great place to pop into and try a vast variety of signature dishes like volcano tacos, the gringa and cheese fondue.

Republica Taco

When you head out for the night, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and make sure you know where all the good places are to eat- because we all know after a night of fun and drinking, the stomach needs a little love too. Fortunately, LA Santa nightclub have already thought of this for you! Located right outside the club Republic Taco Truck is ready to provide you with mouthwatering food, like their popular burrito. Literally steps from the club, there is nowhere better to be in the middle of the night for some drunk munchies. If you are a few blocks away at La Santa nightclub, they have also incorporated a food station to keep your hunger at bay located right in the parking lot.

Cocina Economica

One of the few 24/hr places to eat in Puerto Vallarta, Cocina Economica is a hidden gem and should definitely be on the top of your list. Featuring family recipes and mouthwatering salsas, it’s a great place to check out after everything else has closed down for the night.

Located across the bridge in Old Town Puerto Vallarta at 246 Calle Constitución, it’s perfect to check out if you’ve been walking Los Muertos Beach, bar hopping or partying at El Sonadór. Even if you aren’t close by, definitely swing by after a night of fun! They have excellent pozole and machaca tacos that are always served with a smile.

Taqueria Mendoza

Known as one of the best late-night taco stands in Puerto Vallarta, Taqueria Mendoza has withstood the test of time. Open until 6 am, this place serves some amazing dishes for cheap- the perfect way to end your night.

When you’re in Mexico it’s a rite of passage to eat street food so you might as well have the best! Located by Farmacia Guadalajara, Taqueria Mendoza will stand out from the others that call calle Lázaro Cárdenas 400 their home, as they usually have a crowd of locals gathered around to eat the delicious pastor tacos, quesadillas and salsa bar. They can also accommodate to-go orders, as there is limited seating outside due to the fact they are so busy (and amazing!).

Pancho’s Takos

Last but not least, Pancho’s Takos is another local and tourist favourite in Puerto Vallarta. Located in the Romantic zone on calle Basilio Badillo, this place is super close to Los Muertos beach and the pier.

Open until 2 am, Pancho’s Takos features indoor and outdoor restaurant style seating, friendly service, vegetarian options and their signature mango habanero salsa. They are well known for their spicy salsas, so if you’re sensitive to heat make sure to check before ordering.

They have a large menu for a small place with items such as pork chops, skewers, cheese fondue, grilled chicken and ribs. Also serves Mexican favourites like delicious tacos and quesadillas- of course!