What Are Good Field Trip Ideas For Child Learning Centre?

Under the Sea


The Childhood Learning Centre has spent the month of April” Under the Sea”. Creatures of all kinds and colors have been designed. We have jelly fish, whales, and schools of fish swimming in our ocean. The children also created their own Aquariums that look fantastic on our bulletin board please take a peek!

Boats of all shapes and sizes were built in the big block centre and then sailed on the high seas. We also enjoyed snack on our boats (snack always tastes better when out on the open sea). During circle time the children shared many ocean facts, such as an octopus has three hearts and jelly fish are older than dinosaurs!

The children’s imagination took over during our weekly neighborhood walks. They saw sharks, sea lions, sunken ships, whales, jelly fish and mermaids.

We celebrated Easter with our traditional Easter Egg Hunt and party.

Amazing bunny ears were designed and hopping bunnies searched for eggs out in the back garden. There were some great dancers during free dance and some quick movers when we played musical chairs. The children ended the party with a delicious rice crispy egg!

We are hoping May will bring the nice weather allowing for lots of outdoor adventure. Sunshine here we come!

Pioneer Times

The Childhood Learning Centre discovered how to sew their own pillows, weave mats, make butter and collect snow and turn it into water to cook dinner. They designed their own covered wagons and log houses as well as creating a beautiful quilt.

In the Morningside Child Care, water was fetched from the well and homework was completed on slate boards by candle light (just like home).

Morningside Child Care

March Break was a busy time here. The children created their own hockey shirts and of course took part in a great hockey game. We had our traditional Beach Party, celebrated St Patrick’s Day with green pancakes and had our movie madness afternoon. Ten Tennis came to teach the children some hockey and soccer drills, and we learned some cool experiments with Mad Science.