James needed a small business website for his start-up and so, he approached a few web design agencies locally. He got to know that a few companies design SEO friendly websites that are loved by Google and other search engines. As he wanted to pull the attention of the local customers, he hired an experienced San Jose SEO expert that could help him spread the word about his business.

In today’s competitive times, it becomes important to design a website that is SEO friendly or else your website would get dumped in the ocean of online sites. Proper SEO can help you drive traffic and people looking for your services or products would be able to search you easily, which means increased profits for your business.

San Jose SEO expert
San Jose SEO expert

Here Are Some Tips And Tricks That Can Help You Make Your Website SEO Friendly:

1.Use SEO for images

Most of the website owners, as well as SEO professionals, do not give importance to images on the website. One should optimize the images on the website to make it rank higher. Make sure that the images aren’t too big as this can slow down your website. Use proper content and keywords in the alt text section of the image. Also, place the images in a proper way.

2.Make the URL User-Friendly

The URL of your website would be the address for your business over the web. Hence, make it user-friendly. You may include keywords in the URL or a few related phrases so that it becomes easier for the users to remember the URL. You may seek advice from San Jose SEO Expert Company for managing the URLs of your website.

3.Use Keywords and Phrases at Different Places

You may think of writing web content that includes the targeted keywords, but did you know that keywords can be inserted at several different places on your website? You can use them in blogs and articles also. As discussed earlier, you should use keywords in the images. You can also insert them in H1, H2, H3… tags, breadcrumbs, or folder names. This will have a great impact on your online rankings.

4.Build Incoming Backlinks

As soon as your website is live, you may start thinking of building incoming links from reliable sources. Listing your business site in several directories are considered to be a good way to make the site rank higher. Search engines like the websites that are useful for visitors. Make sure that your website provides some value to every visitor.

Look for companies that make use of white hat SEO techniques to help you grow. You can speak to the SEO professionals in San Jose and choose to hire the best one for your project. Even if you have a website ready, and you wish to pull some more visitors daily, hire the right agency to make your dreams come true.

Designing website according to SEO standards helps to pull more traffic and make your site rank higher. If you want to design or redesign your business website, talk to a few good San Jose SEO companies to ensure that your site is SEO friendly.

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