Translation Services Approved By GOSB Translation Abu Dhabi

Considering the increasing multilingualism in the United Arab Emirates, it has now become extremely important to have professional translation services approved by GOSB translation Abu Dhabi readily available all across the nation.

Universal Translation Company is providing all kinds of translation services for business owners as well as the residents of the United Arab Emirates. They have extremely professional linguists, all working on their specific subjects and ensuring to deliver the best possible quality of work to the clients.

The documents that need legal translation are often supposed to be kept confidential. They need utmost security and you cannot trust everyone with the data. One of the most important and key benefits of hiring professional legal translators is that you can completely trust them and depend on them when it comes to your legal data.

In addition to confidentiality and security of data, professional legal translators have a better understanding of language and are, therefore, always more accurate than common translators. Legal translation companies such as Universal Translation Company make sure to give nothing but precisely accurate work that is approved by GOSB translation Abu Dhabi to their customers.

To give you a more detailed understanding of the services provided by Universal Translation Company, we have briefly explained all the services for you to make the right decision.

Legal translation services:

As the previous paragraph explains the sensitivity of legal documents, you would know how conscious you need to be when dealing with legal matters. Universal Translation Company offers two types of legal translations, legal translation of personal documents and legal translation of company documents.

It is usually people who migrate from different countries to the United Arab Emirates who need legal translation for personal documents such as birth certificates, results, financial statements, and other identity documents like these.

However, on the other hand, businessmen and women need a legal translation of the official documents of their business to get it recognized in the country and make sure that all their files are in the official legal language so that no hindrances may be seen in the future business proceedings.

Technical translation services:

In addition to legal translation services, Universal translation Company also provides technical translation services. Technical translation includes the translation and interpretation of documents, which is only correctly performed by a professional technical writer and translator. The kinds of documents that need technical translation include user manuals, owner guides, electricity appliance descriptions and explanations of machinery.

In a nutshell, any document that has a load of technical vocabulary and information that needs specific conversion, literally as well as contextually, needs to be translated by a professional technical translator to ensure maximum accuracy and precision.

General translators cannot translate such documents, as alteration of technical terminologies in documents can ruin the entire product manual, which then becomes of no use to the users.

Human Transcription Services:

Human transcription services need to be one hundred percent accurate and really fast as well. This translation service is required for video and audio contents of webcasts, DVDs, videotapes, audiotapes, TV shows, and other multimedia projects.

In addition to this, captioning of audio and videotapes is also offered in different languages to translate shows from one language to another. This ensures that your show or any other project reached a wider audience and is understood by a larger amount of people.

Advertising translation services approved by GOSB translation Abu Dhabi:

When it comes to media marketing and advertising, approval from Gulf Office Services Bureau (GOSB) is highly important in Abu Dhabi and generally, all across the United Arab Emirates.

UTC has a separate team of creative professionals for the translation of advertisement and marketing content. The professionals who get this job done are chosen specifically to keep the translation creative throughoutthe process and to make sure that the ad does not lose its core after being translated.

Apart from advertisements, this department also translates business profiles, company proposals, flyers, newsletters, articles, blogs, and all the other documents like these.

Medical translation Services:

Medical is known to be one of the most difficult fields of the world and Universal Translation Company is yet, proud to announce that pharmaceutical companies, medical research centers, and medical students trust us blindly for medical translations.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals who know their work by heart and are determined to deliver quality work to the ambitious doctors of the country. Medical translation services are used to translate medical books, research papers, medical thesis, and in short ay medical or healthcare-related document into another language.

The professional translators at Universal Translation Company make sure one hundred percent accuracy is maintained throughout the translation process.

Driving license translation services:

A driving license is the one thing that you need as soon as you land in Dubai. The process of getting a license is quite overwhelming and requires a lot of time, so if you already have an official driving license, you can swap it and get it translated to the Arabic language so that you can easily use it in UAE as well.

However, you need to make sure this translation is approved by GOSB translation Abu Dhabi which can be provided by Universal Translation Company. We have a separate department for driving license translation services. We can easily be translated from more than 50 languages from all over the world into the Arabic language for the United Arab Emirates.

We have not only translators but also a team of proofreaders who read your documents after they have been completely translated to run a check for any tiny human errors that there may be. This is done to ensure quality and to avoid any miscommunication because of translation.

Your content is thoroughly checked and approved by GOSB translation Abu Dhabi before it is delivered to you. If you want to book an appointment with Universal Translation Company; so,contact us for further dealings!

Summary: Multilingualism is increasing in all parts of the country and especially in Dubai, which is why professional translation services are becoming more and more important every day. UTC is providing accurate translations for all fields for your convenience.