Parental Alienation Creates Plutoed Parents

So what are Plutoed Parents?

Plutoed Parents are those of you who have been unjustly accused of being a bad parent, and the justice system flat refused any help only because you were the targeted parent! With enough knowledge early in the process, you may even prevent this horrible crime against all the good and innocent people involved in a toxic divorce. It will also help alienated or “targeted” parents to get through whatever their situation is, from prevention to reunification. Parental alienation awareness is imperative if you want to stop the abuse!

Understanding parental alienation will always be our biggest challenge. When we come to this understanding, our battle is half won. To those who are good parents who have been plutoed, I’m sure this site can help. So what does Pluto have to do with parental alienation? Nothing, but I’ll explain later!

I am going to do my very best to help stop this CRIME against not only against plutoed parents [], but mainly against the severe mental abuse this is causing our children. My name is Wallace Carney, a good father and parent who has been alienated for 10 years from my baby girl. Well, Mary is now 13 years old but she will always be my baby girl. Want to know if I feel your pain, have I been through many trials and tribulations, am I understanding, do I know about alienation? I am not any kind of doctor or bloodsucking attorney. I am a professional at gathering information, doing my due diligence, researching the ongoing battle over this last 10 years of my painful life. Primarily, I’m one of the plutoed parents. I’m also doing this to save my sanity and possibly yours as well!

Parental Alienation
Parental Alienation

Plutoed Parents vs Pluto?

So what does plutoed parents have to do with Pluto? Well, if you remember, Pluto was the farthermost planet from our sun for 76 years. Then for some reason I will never understand, in 2006 a few scientist decided that Pluto was just too small to be called a planet. Just like that, it was demoted to a “dwarf planet.” What did it do wrong and why did we abandon Pluto just because of some crazed scientist? Strangely enough in the very same year (2006), “plutoed” was voted the word of the year. Plutoed is now defined as to demote or devalue someone or something! I’m sure there are many of us here who are plutoed parents, so you now understand the connection?

Now in an attempt to help heal your pain, torment and constant suffering, I’m going to explain what it took me years to learn. If you start applying this “what to do and don’t do” list, it will be a good start to understanding parental alienation! You can read and download this here: Understanding Parental Alienation – What to Do and Don’t Do

We’re all the same and we are not alone, we all stand together, we want to do the right thing, some are even thinking and being told that it would be better if you just give up!? Please think about your children, learn from this site and others, apply what you learn and, like I tell Mary, one day everything’s going to be okay! Live for that day, help your child get through this and understand; if you think the pain you are going through is tough, what about what your children are going through. Experts in this field who have a thorough understanding about parental alienation will tell you the same thing. The child’s pain is similar to losing both parents, one-half of their loving family, and most of their friends. On top of that, they normally lose the home where all their hopes and dreams suddenly came crashing down. Oh, don’t forget, they are just children vulnerable to the lies, brainwashing, along with their anger (they can’t express) and even their feelings that somehow, it’s all their fault!