How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Once you’ve decided on getting business cards, your next critical move is to plan and prepare the design and content that goes into it.

Do remember that having a business card is only half the battle and its design rounds up the impact and impression it creates.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in planning what to include on your professional business card.

Eliminate Clutter

Be deliberate with the information you include in your business card. Stick only with the basics, if possible, which includes your name, job title, business logo, work number, and email. Eliminate excess clutter (e.g., social media handles) that may only make your card look like a mess and unprofessional.

Stick to the Standard Size

The standard business card size is 2 x 3.5 inches. There’s that temptation of injecting a whole lot of creativity into your card by shaping it uniquely or changing its size. However, keep in mind that its size does serve a function, and by keeping it that way, your card can find its way into people’s wallets or business card holders easily.

Keep Info on One Side Only

There’s no need to use the front and back of your card if you have no real purpose for it. It’s only one side that’s seen, so make sure to keep all your vital information just on that one side alone. If you want to push the boundaries of design, you can add in a general and non-value-added content on the other side such as your business logo or tagline.

Use White as Base

White still proves to be the very best option there is for business cards. With white as the base color, you or other people can even add notes or additional valuable info on the card. Should you want to deviate a little from the usual white, make sure to use light hues such as cream, beige, light pink, and so on.

Invest In Quality

Even if you have a business card, but it’s made of tacky or cheap material, then its effectiveness wouldn’t be optimal. Make sure to invest in quality material and premium business card printing near me that will really reflect your business’ credibility and professionalism.

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