How Do You Create A Good Content Strategy For Long Term Targeting

I strongly believe in the content first-value first principle, and I do my best to offer valuable information to my clients and prospects alike as often as possible. But, we are all in business to make money, right? How do you go about transitioning these prospects into actual, paying clients? Create an advanced Fitness Marketing and retargeting campaign. Play the long game and offer prospects the free valuable content they crave in whatever medium they are used to up front, and then retarget this group via Facebook ads and a nurture campaign for an offer you can be certain will pique their interest.

Ideally, you will create a seamless overall campaign that revolves around a single topic but is spread out over multiple mediums. Every individual medium will ultimately lead to the same place: your blog, or landing pages with an offer for which they have self-identified.

Here is a step-by-step way to develop one idea that will ultimately be applied to multiple mediums, allowing you to directly target clients for future nurture and sales campaigns.

Start with a blog with a catchy title and cover. Post an infographic, a tip sheet, a recipe, a product review, or an exercise – anything that gives your reader valuable information about a specific subject that relates to your business. Wrap up your blog with a distinct call to action (CTA) such as “contact us for a FREE consultation” or an introductory offer such as “sign up here for your 14-day trial”. Ensure that you include a Facebook pixel (tracking code) on your blog because this will allow you to capture information about the person who is reading your blog for future use.

Fitness Marketing

Create a landing page for your offer. Make sure your call to action button leads someone to more information about your offer. If they’ve clicked on your offer, they will be asked to provide information to you such as name and email address and/or payment information, depending on how you’ve set up the offer. Regardless, make sure you tag the contact as either a hot lead or a paid tag inside your CRM so that you’re able to include them in future newsletter send outs or a nurture campaign if they have not yet purchased.

Create a Facebook Live to discuss additional points that relate to your blog, but that may not have been included. Refer to your blog in your Facebook Live Broadcast and direct people to it because that is the only place that the offer will be available. You can wait a few days to post this so that you give your blog time to gain traction first.

Create an actual video blog (or vlog). Similar to the Facebook Live idea, this would actually act as a blog in and of itself. Instead of typing out the blog to begin with, you would create a video blog instead.

Use to transcribe your vlog. For only $1/minute, will transcribe your vlog for you at which point you can turn it into a written blog article as well

Send out an email to let your prospect list know that you’ve just posted some new content. Steal the blog cover that you used and drop it into your email out to your current prospect list. Make sure to include a couple of lines about the post and a link to “read more” that leads them back to your blog and/or company Facebook page or company webpage. Regardless, lead them back to the place where your offer is located. Remember, you want them to visit your original blog so that you can track them for future Facebook Ad campaigns and nurture sequences.

Create a Facebook post. If your blog lives on your company website, create a post on Facebook on both your personal AND company page that directs people to read your blog. Pull out a few key points and a link that leads back to your blog. At this point, you can even pay to boost your post to ensure you get the widest reach possible for your information.

YouTube has the same – if not even better – targeting options than Facebook. You can create a similar video to your Facebook Live on YouTube about your blog, highlighting additional points. Again, you want to direct them to your blog to gain access to the offer. The good news about YouTube is that you are also able to obtain tracking information through a YouTube pixel that you can use in the future for targeting purposes.

The idea here is this…you’re ultimately creating an environment that allows a prospect to self-identify their interests and what they want to see as an offer. How? Let me give you an example.

Let’s say I’m trying to grow my golf training program at the gym. I would start with a blog that has an infographic that shows the anatomy of a golf swing – a step-by-step information guide about what muscles are engaged and how each part of your swing is affected by different muscle groups. I send out my email with a click thru call to action that directs the reader to my blog, create a Facebook Live demonstration, followed by a YouTube demonstration of the anatomy of a swing. Every single one of the people who clicks on and reads the blog, opens the email and clicks through to the blog, watches the Facebook Live or the YouTube video has a vested interest in the game of golf (they have each virtually raised their hand, indicating their interest). Using the Facebook Pixel and YouTube Tracking Pixel, I have identified a group that can (and will) now be targeted directly with ads and a golf-specific nurture sequence for our golf training program.

Over time, you can grow a list of warm leads to whom you can target with Facebook and YouTube ads that will send the prospect to an offer for a golf swing analysis, golf training program, stretching program for golfers or anything that relates to golf. From a large cross-section of the population of cold traffic, or those that have never heard of you or your company or had any interest in previously doing business with you, you have now developed a list of potential clients for future sales. Does it take time, strategic planning and a little elbow grease to get your campaign running? Sure. But, in the end, it’ll pay off!

By following these steps, you are getting the absolute most bang for your buck and setting up your business with leads that have gone from cold to warm with the click of a button. It will help you increase your ability to specifically target your warm leads with ads and programs that they are more likely to purchase. Don’t waste your time spinning your wheels and ultimately giving up on providing content because it’s too time-consuming. It’s great to offer prospects a ton of valuable content, but the ultimate goal for any business owners is to get more sales, right? Create content with legs that can be spun out into different mediums and play the long game. It will pay off in the end.