Have you seen On-site Caravan for Sale in Hervey Bay?

Queensland is a beautiful state with some much great outdoor activities to experience. You may be looking for On-site Caravan for Sale that have a great location with lots of holiday activities to choose from. On-site Caravan are Caravan that are permanently in Caravan Parks all year around. Owning an Onsite Caravan allows you to not have to tow your Caravan in and out of Caravan parks each time you go on holiday. If you have a favourite Caravan Park that you enjoy going back to each holiday then perhaps it a good idea to investigate On-site Caravan for Sale. It will make your life a lot easy with having the ability to leave your holiday toys and accessories in the On-site Caravan all year round. It will also save you a lot of money in Caravan site rental, nightly fees will add up if you stay often while for an Onsite Caravan you only pay a flat quarterly rate.

A great location in Queensland for an On-site Caravan is Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is located 3 ½ hours north of Brisbane and a short one hour flight. Its biggest attraction are the seasonal whale watching and the beach/esplanade experience. It is also famous for being the gateway to Fraser Island. If you are looking for Onsite Caravan for Sale in QLD then Hervey Bay is a great choice.


on-site caravan for sale

There are several Caravan Parks in Hervey Bay that have On-site Caravan for Sale and they are dotted along the Esplanade. The Esplanade stretches from Urangan Pier all the way down to Scarness. The beach covers this whole stretch and there are shops, cafes and restaurant all along the way. The area is very family friendly with 4 wheel bicycle carts that can be ridden by the whole family and allows you to explore the Esplanade with the wind in your hair. There are several Permanent Onsite Caravan for Sale in QLD Hervey Bay that have beach frontage. This allow you and your family to walk from your On-site Caravan in the morning straight to the water’s edge.

Whale Watching

A unique aspect of Hervey Bay is its fantastic whale watching. Once a year pregnant whales come into the bay and give birth. The bay provides a nice sheltered environment for the mothers to feel protected. The Whale watching season runs from Mid July to Mid Sept and attracts many Australia’s and also international people from around the world. There are On-site Caravans for Sale in Hervey Bay that are located near the wharf where the whale watching vessels depart from. Whale watching is great for the kids as it help them learn about the ocean environment and get up close to these special creatures.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is at Hervey Bay’s door step. Only a 30 min boat ride you can travel to Fraser Island and explore with a professional tour company or hire your own 4 wheel drive. The island does not have any On-site Caravan for Sale as it is Heritage listed and only has a few accommodation options available. Fraser Island has Lake McKenzie which is a pure water lake in the centre of the island with bright white sand. The sand is so fine that you can use it to clean your jewellery. The royal rainforest is a special site to see where it’s the only place in the world where you can see a rainforest that grows from the sand with elevation of over 200 meters. If you are looking for Onsite Caravan for Sale in QLD that has a lot of outdoor activities to experience then Hervey Bay is an amazing natural environment to explore.

People look for many aspects when considering an Onsite Caravan. They consider factors such as a beach location and a good family environment with outdoor activities for the whole family. Looking for Permanent Onsite Caravan for Sale in QLD, Hervey Bay is a great place to start your search for a Queensland Onsite Caravan.


Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravan have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates Holidaylife.com.au, a listing site for Onsite Caravan for Sale.