Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne

We have a large range of Glass Products for pools and balustrades in Melbourne.

Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne is one of the most practical fencing which prevents children and adults too from accidentally falling into the pool. It makes the pool area safer and enhances that elegant appearance. It doesn’t affect the landscaping and besides,it also offers a direct view from your home to your pool area and makes your yard look larger.

The Safety & Durability

A glass pool fencing system can be installed in your home, but many homeowners especially the ones with children shy away from having it installed in their homes, because they think it is highly prone to breakage. This is not true because a glass Pool Fencing Melbourne is actually made from tempered glass which cannot break easily. The glass is usually from 8-12mm in thickness and most fences companies recommend the 12mm glass as the ideal choice for complete strength, in order to rule out any chances of breakage. Homeowners can also feel safer with their children because they can’t climb up the slippery glass.

Glass Pool Fencing Types

There are usually two major types of fences available and they are:

Frameless Glass Fencing

Semi-frameless glass Fencing

The frameless glass simply contains a series of panels secured in place by ground-mounted brackets known as spigots; the semi-frameless fencing contains the panels that are separated and secured in place by posts. Many companies recommend using the semi-frameless fencing for areas with high wind to prevent the glass panels from swaying and becoming loose.

Pool Fencing Melbourne
Pool Fencing Melbourne

Cost of Installation

If you are A DIY guy and skilled in installation, you can get fencing materials from suppliers and save a lot of money by installing your own fence. However, for those unskilled homeowners, getting a quote from professional company is advisable. This kind of installation is usually done very quickly and efficiently by professionals.

When comparing quotes consider things such as:

  • The quoted glass thickness.
  • Compliance of all pool fencing Chelsea standards; the fence should have a minimum height of 1200mm and the gates are supposed to swing outwards and should also be self-latching.
  • Everything else such as the panels, gates, hardware and hinges should all be included in the quote.
  • The installing company should of course be licensed and properly insured.
  • The fencing should also come with warranty.
  • The installing company should guarantee its workmanship.

We will also include the installation of a glass balustrade system and glass shower-screens if you require.

In Australia the use of glass for various construction projects is gaining popularity. As much as the development of standards is taking too long compared to the creative sector of the industry, companies are not hesitant to involve technical specialists during the design stage. This is why you will see stable, reliable and safer installations. More homeowners are adapting glass as a major part of their home construction projects and this is also why many glass Pool Fencing Melbourne companies are in fierce competition throughout Melbourne.