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Nowadays a lot of people choose to create their curtains or even select their own curtain fabrics and have them professionally-tailored. There may be a complex reason behind this but one major benefit could be that choosing your fabric provides an opportunity to come up with individual dressing for a window that is never found in other homes. What comes after are the five materials that are popularly used in curtain fabric production.

Silk fabric is used in certain manufacturing and is considered most luxuriant. Often, silk is woven into various styles and patterns and can be ideal for dressier and formal windows. The fabric can either be used as panel curtains (full length), balloon shades, or Roman shades. The disadvantage of using silk, however, is the price and unless you are lucky to find a dealer who charges cheap, the silk will likely come to the inexpensive price. Another advantage of the silk product is it tends to rot when unlined curtains are placed directly under the sun.

Curtain Fabric

Cotton fabric is much cheaper and extremely versatile. The fabric is woven in various ways to be able to achieve the different effects of the plain weave or satin weave. Because of the cotton ‘ s versatility, the fabric can be utilized for the sophisticated and classy styles in addition to the plainer or simpler looks. The fabric can easily be cleaned however if curtains are ‘ t lined, the fabric could hang awkwardly.

In the past years, the linen fabric has become more popular. The fabric can possibly be woven to light or heavy weaves, which means that various styles or designs are possible when this material is used. When it comes to its price, the linen is still relatively cheap as compared to wool and silk. However, one disadvantage of using linen is the fabric wrinkles easily in a humid environment. When cleaning linen curtains, the fabric should always be dry cleaned.

The wool fabric is known to provide excellent protection benefit. When wool is woven into heavy fabrics, the fabric can hang effortlessly, which provides the look of elegance. Wool is also easy to dye and its price varies depending on its type. For example, there are sheep wools that are relatively affordable compared to wool fabrics coming from llamas or alpacas that are rather expensive. Wools, however, absorb moisture and similar to linen, is also not the ideal option for rooms with humid temperature.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon should also be considered since these fabrics are easily cleaned and extremely stable. However, the fabric’s cheap and plastic feel is a little turn off among homeowners. But with curtain linings, these synthetic fabrics are considered the best choice possible.

Curtain Fabric 101

Most homeowners think that curtain fabric selection is a simple task, which is a misconception. This is true if you only want a curtain just because you like owning one, disregarding if the fabrics are too thick or too thin for the specified rooms or if their patterns and colors are not your types of style to mention a few. However this should never be the situation, right? You would still want to shell out an amount of something that is worthy of your money and one that would satisfy you.

Given these, there are a number of lessons about the curtain fabrics that might help you when you decide to have your own house or when you ‘ re thinking of giving your own room or house a new design or look.

For a start, there are fabrics that are not only used for curtains but may be utilized for upholstery, pillowcases, and draperies as well.

Cotton, which is a type of vegetable fiber is usually used as curtain fabric since it is versatile, durable, and comfortable, aside from being affordable. The fabric can be utilized for home furnishing, bags, clothing, and also for medical products to name some. A cotton curtain fabric provides the room a more casual and comfortable look. The acrylic is used often as well. Because the fabric is soft and lightweight, it is ideal for homes in need of warm temperature.

Furthermore, the lace fabric is also a common option. This can be created manually or through the use of a machine. For your own place to have that breezy and light look, this type of fabric is perfect. Silk, however, is the one often used for the more formal or elegant design and feel. Silk, which is known to be the strongest of all the fabrics available comes from silkworm cocoons.

There may be different types of fabrics that can be utilized when making curtains however there are still several factors that need to be considered when selecting fabrics. One factor is about whether you prefer to block any light or you require more light to pass through the room or area where you plan to hang the curtain. You can use the thick fabrics if you don ‘ t want excess light entering your room and the thin fabrics if you require more light. Another factor is your window measurement. This is considered the most significant determining factor when it comes to the size of the fabric you would need. Ideally, you would need 2 to 2 ½ times the window ‘ s width and 2 to 3 inches of width beneath your window. However, this may vary and depend on the design and style you want.

The design and feel that you prefer to have in your own room through the use of curtains are very important as well. For instance, cotton and the cotton mixtures tend to provide a room that casual look. Furthermore, this can be advantageous especially if you have children who can ‘ t keep their hands off the curtains. For formal or elegant feel, silk and velvet types may be used. Likewise, your room may come with its motif or theme and you would naturally want the curtains to remain true to your theme.

Indeed it is a misconception to think that looking out for the perfect fabric for a curtain is not difficult. In fact, effort and time are needed when you are on the lookout for ideal curtain fabrics. One puts up curtains because of several reasons; either you only want to provide your room more flavor and style or you need to obstruct the light coming from a lamppost nearby. Whatever reason you have, you would still want the curtains you have to serve a purpose.