Chronic Fatigue or Adrenal Fatigue Treatment?

I often get the question, “is there a difference between chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and adrenal fatigue syndrome?” The short answer is yes. In today’s post, I want to dig into the distinction between the two conditions in a bit more detail. There are some parallels between the conditions and symptoms, but it is critical to understand the unique elements of chronic fatigue syndrome, as your specific condition and diagnosis will determine the best adrenal fatigue treatment option (s).

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The medical definition of chronic fatigue syndrome is intense ongoing fatigue that occurs for a period of at least six months and is not attributable to any other known cause. If that sounds like a catch-all definition, it may, in fact, be, as the exact cause for CFS is unknown. In addition to a general feeling of fatigue, conventional medical doctors will also look for at least four other symptoms that accompany the fatigue. These symptoms include; joint pain, headaches, sleep problems, worsened fatigue after exercise, sore throat and memory or concentration problems.

Although modern medicine doesn’t identify a specific cause for CFS, it is noted and accepted that in most cases, some type of physical or emotional trauma or stress occurs prior to the onset of symptoms. Also of note, is that in most cases of CFS the individual also has low levels of the adrenal stress hormone cortisol. Elevating cortisol levels in and of itself doesn’t cure CFS. It is important to note the adrenal hormone connection though, as there seems to be plausible evidence that someone suffering from adrenal fatigue if left untreated, could predispose the individual to CFS.

Whether you think you have or may have CFS or adrenal fatigue syndrome it is important to get multiple professional opinions concerning the symptoms you are experiencing. Specifically, a natural practitioner, as someone who recognizes the validity of both syndromes, can help determine the appropriate treatment options for your specific condition.