Best Natural Progesterone Cream Benefits

Progesterone is known as the Cinderella hormone. Most women are hormonally challenged in their mid-40s coping up with anxiety attacks, fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, low libido and a lot of issues that are giving them hard time. With the numerous progesterone cream benefits, women can say goodbye to their pain and woes away. Progesterone levels can do a lot to impact a woman’s health and quality of life. It’s actually on males and females but more predominantly in females.


So, why is it important and what are the progesterone cream benefits we could get? Here’s what it does. It acts to help prevent blood clotting in the body and helps maintain a pregnancy so that the baby can grow and develop in the uterus like it should. It also acts as a natural diuretic. Many women notice that as they go through their cycle often will feel bloated, so the progesterone helps thin that out and it act as a natural diuretic. It also acts to coat the nerves in the brain. If someone has a mass, it is really important to get progesterone in their bodies to help restore the nerves because they are being broken down in the disease process.

Progesterone benefits extend with head close trauma, experts are finding people with closed head injuries getting progesterone for five days are having amazing results and recovery from events that normally they wouldn’t have before. Therefore, progesterone can be a great lifesaver as well.

Also with sleep, it is usually important for ladies to be able to get a good night sleep by having the progesterone in their body. It is also very important in preventing breast cancer and other female cancer. Studies show that one of the progesterone cream benefits in ladies is that if they get the right amount of progesterone of right type in their bodies, they can eliminate and cut down about 80% of cancers that are associated with not having the right amount of that.

There are so many hormonal imbalances and when things are off in the body from protein water brands diet, stress pollution and stuff that go in life as we know it, those just throw things out of control and when you start getting imbalance and progesterone is there to the rescue. It’s the sleep that is the biggest progesterone cream benefits that put the biggest smile on a lot of people’s faces.