Animal Print Maxi Dress – Best For New Year Party

There are lots of Animal Print Maxi Dress. It can be both elegant, hippie or even boho – but there is one thing that they are the same – lenght. Maxi dresses become more and more popular over last years. Now the most fashionable are of course hippie style maxi dresses with lots flowers but other styles also become more and more popular. What styles? You’ll get to know in just a moment from this article.

animal print maxi dress

In this season really fashionable are long, tight and sexy maxi dresses – just like these from Pucci collection.  Also Versace, Carolina Herrera or Miss Bikini offer long but this time etherial dresses. Of course it’s not the end of designers that beloved maxi dresses. We can find ones from Blugirl, Blumarine, Biagotti, Coveri or Fendy.

In the next part of my article I wan’t to present who can wear maxi dresses and what are the best ideas to wear it with. I will also show You what You can buy and for what sort of money.

Maxi DressLet’s start with question – for whom maxi dresses fits best. There are opinion, that they look the best in really thin girls – even with model shapes. I think that it’s not the truth. Firstly maxi dresses doesn’t look really great on really short women, because they even enshort their height. To make sure – I’ve read some online forums before writing this article – and short girls who bought maxi dresses didn’t feel really comfortably in them and finally decided no to wear them. So I You are short person – please believe me and avoid dresses in maxi style. Better choose are for example tea length Leopard Print Maxi Dress or skirts. Secondly – maxi dresses really look great on tall, thin girls – but don’t think that you have to be super model shape to wear them. Personally I am 166, 58 kg and I look really great in my dress and I also look great – it is opinion based on lots of what my friends say and many people on forums. But the most important thing is that I FEEL great in it.  I don’t have perfect legs and often I want to hide my imperfection – maxi dresses are perfect for it. Even If you’ve got some belly, but You have nic shoulders and décolletage maxi are IDEAL for You!

Ok, so let’s pass now to the most enjoyable thing – shopping! I’ve made a small trip for traditional shops and reviewed some offers online. Maxi dress is one of the hottest trends right now, so it’s available in almost all network shops. First of all there are really lots of models. Starting from figured ones and ending on these classic, one-colour. They started from about  and ending in 100-150 – depending on brand. Big choose of these dresses is in New Yorker shops, Printed Maxi Dress.

Of course – If You like Gucci, Versace or any other premium designer – the prices will be much higher. I encourage You also to seek for maxi dresses in Your smaller nearby shops. Like I said – I’ve also made a small research online. The prices on ebay starts from even 10$ for new dress! That’s the money – that You can lose even just for give it a try. The choose is really, really huge.

I hope that You’ve read all my article. I’ve worked on it some time because I wanted to say about couple issues about maxi dresses. I hope that this post helped someone with doubts about maxi dresses.