7 Ways to Make Relocatable Homes in QLD Look Like Site-Built Homes

Let’s are frank, Relocatable homes look different to site-built homes. This doesn’t mean relocatable homes are substandard, they just have a slightly different look and feel. There are simple ways to blend your relocatable home in QLD into the look of a site-built home. Check out the below ideas;

Upgrade to a Higher Roof Pitch

Your Relocatable Home in QLD can look more like a site-built home if you increase the roof pitch. Increase the roof pitch to at least 4 inch/12 inches. Roof pitch (or slope) tells you how many inches the roof rises for every 12 inches in depth. Not only will this make the relocatable home look more aesthetically appealing but it will also help with rainfall drainage.

Eaves Extension

To make a Relocatable Home look more like a brick and mortar home, consider extending the eaves. Traditional homes actually have quite a wide eave to help keep rain away from the windows and exterior walls. Relocatable homes typically have only half the eave a site-built home. Wider leaves also go hand in hand with higher pitched roofs so this will suit if you increase the roof pitch as earlier described.

Install Larger Wooden Doors

Most relocatable homes have small exterior doors and their interior doors are typically made from a cheap hollow material with plastic door knobs. By installing a large wooden exterior door with preferably a peephole this will make a dramatic difference to the exterior appearance of your home. Also, consider replacing the cheap interior doors with quality wooden doors to make a difference inside your relocatable home.relocatable homes

Install Crown Molding and Trim

To make your second-hand relocatable homes to look more like site-built homes you should consider trimming and installing crown molding. This doesn’t mean that all manufactured home models don’t have trim and crown molding installed in relocatable homes. It’s quite expensive to implement trimming and crown installation in cheaper models. That’s why it’s done on the high-end models. Consider installing crown molding and trim to your relocatable home in QLD and improve your homes aesthetic value.

Install a Basement Foundation before Installing your Manufactured Home

There are new techniques and improved equipment available in the market to make your home installation process simpler and faster than it was years ago. Though it’s expensive to place a foundation for your relocatable home if the site permits its something worth considering to increase the sales value down the track. Placing a foundation will give the look and the feature of a site-built home. However, keep in mind the home may need a few modifications to make the basement more accessible.

Add a Garage

Another option is to add a garage beside to your relocatable home. The garage doesn’t even need to be attached to the home as it can be placed beside. If this is your direction then consider creating a covered breezeway and access to to the home from the garage. This will also add value to your property.

Upgrade your Curb Appeal

Work on your garden landscaping and improve the curb appeal of your home. Good landscaping will give the look and feel that your home is well established and settled into the surroundings.

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