About the Project
The Mission To date, there are no searchable websites containing the wide range of primary documents and resources of GenocideCurriculum.org. It is our mission to help educate the world of the past to better understand the present by providing these valuable documents in a searchable, digital, and easily accessed form. In the words of George Orwell: “Those that control the present control the past , and those that control the past control the future.” The Genocide Curriculum project is run by GenocideOfUkraine.com. Accessing the Archives Browsing the archives is very simple. First select whether you would like to search the curriculum or research resources area of the web site by click on the respective "tab" at the top. Then, select the most specific (or the item deepest into the category listing of the) topic you would like to browse. Step 1, Browsing Each document is listed chronologically, with the first page listed first etc... You may choose to search for a specific page or topic of interest this way (each listing provides a brief excerpt from the page) or you may select any page, and then browse the document this way: Step 1, Browsing To return back to the category listings, click on the tabs above and repeat your search. Errors If you note any errors while browsing our archives, please contact us and we will correct the error as soon as possible. Contact Information E-mail: genocidecurriculum@gmail.com